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North Eugene Weather Conditions 97404   (A NWS/NOAA, MADIS, APRS, weather station)         station id AR232, KC7RJK-2
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-Dec 2016- A 137 MHz NOAA APT satellite downlink was installed at the station site. The audio is processed by computer and WXTOIMG software to create the images seen above. Unfortunately this is old analog technology and many of the satellites have failed over time and NOAA has no interest in repairing/replacing only decommissioning these analog satellites.Thats why there can be long periods with no satellite passes to update the image. But with simple equipment these images can still be decoded.  More info about NOAA APT satellites.

-Mar 2013-  A new Solar Radiation sensor has been added to the station. Very useful in agriculture to calculate soil moisture evaporation. (Evapotransportation is a function of Solar, Wind, and Temp) Also useful in the generation and calculation of potential solar energy.

-Apr 2011- Again I've moved the temp/hum sensor to a new location for more accurate data. I would like to thank my neighbor for siting them on his property of 3 acres. The field is mostly grass and garden, a perfect environment for the sensor suite. The fan aspirated radiation shield is solar powered to operate through the daylight hours.

-Mar 2010- The All of the sensors have been re-sited on the property  to give you the most accurate data possible. More information on my weather HOME page.

-Feb 2009- The old communications tower structure has moved and grown to 85 feet. The anemometer is now mounted above the tree line relaying accurate wind information. Also the webcam is now mounted at 95 feet with a clear 360 degree view. I plan to upgrade the image resolution of the webcam soon.                           

-WX Radio- This audio is streamed from RF receivers to my weather server using EdCast then to the Weather Underground WX radio network. 

Eugene Current Conditions [Updated ~ every minute]

Updated: 9:15pm on 12/12/17


Currently:   29.1


Dew Point:28.1

Feels Like:35.7


High: 36.8 

Heat Index High:41.7 (2:10pm)

Low: 25.0 
Comfort Level: Uncomfortably Cold
Wind: 2 mph from the NNE
Gust: 3 mph
Today's High Wind: 4 mph (12:57pm)
Dominant Wind Direction: 19(0N 90E 180S 270W 360N)
Humidity: 96%
Pressure: 30.37 in  (Steady) 
Pressure Rate: -0.00 in/hr
Todays High: 30.50 in at 10:07am
Todays Low: 30.36 in at 8:17pm
Dew Point: 28.1
Wind Chill: 27.8
Heat Index (feels like): 35.7
Visibility: 10 miles
Cloud Height: 249 feet

Rainfall Totals

Current Rain Rate:                0.00 in per hour
Hourly:                0.00 in
High Rain Rate:                0.00 in
Today:                0.00 in
Last 24 Hours:                0.00 in
Monthly:               0.72 in
Monthly Average:
Yearly:                41.88 in
Yearly Average:

Records and Normals (more history data)

                      Today   Average Record
Mean Temperature:     26 F   40 F
Max Temperature:      27 F   46 F   62 F   (1955)
Min Temperature:      24 F   34 F          5 F   (1972)
Almanac and Star Chart
Sunrise:   Moonrise: 

Moon Phase:

7:38am 1:59am
Sunset:  Moonset:  
4:34pm 1:56pm
***Star Chart***
Yesterdays Low Temp: 25.4  11:42pm
Yesterdays High Temp: 39.6  2:09pm
Month Low Temp: 24.4  12/7/17
Month High Temp: 53.0  12/6/17
Years Low Temp: 12.0  1/5/17
Years High Temp: 103.4  8/2/17
Temp 24 Hours Ago: 27.3
Now it is: 1.8 warmer/cooler than 24 hr ago
Yesterdays High Wind: 7 mph (1:32pm)
Month High Wind: 16 mph on 12/2/17

Year High Wind:

42 mph on 4/7/17

Solar Radiation (watts per square meter)

Currently:               0 W/sqm
24 Hours Ago:               0 W/sqm
Today's High:               367 W/sqm at 1:44pm
Yesterday's High:               406 W/sqm at 10:56am
Daily Average:               86 W/sqm
Monthly Average:                51 W/sqm    4 year sample
Yearly Average:                153 W/sqm    4 year sample
Monthly High:               570 W/sqm 12/3/17
Yearly High:               1433 W/sqm 6/13/17

Evapotranspiration (wet grass reference) more info    2

Evapotranspiration:                0.02 in
Today's High:                0.02 in at 4:01pm
24 Hours ago:                0.02 in  
Daily Average:                0.01 in
Monthly Average:                0.01 in
Monthly High:                0.04 in 12/6/17
Yearly High:                0.27 in 6/23/17
History Graphs More History Graphs




Weather Advisories
No Warning
Full Advisory Text...
Forecast (thanks to FORECA)
NWS 7 Day Forecast

[1]Last Update: 3:01 am PST Dec 11, 2017

[2]Air Stagnation Advisory

Areas of freezing fog. Cloudy, with a low around 23. Calm
Areas of freezing fog before 1pm. Cloudy through mid morning,
then gradual clearing, with a high near 42. Calm wind.
Patchy freezing fog after 7pm. Increasing clouds, with a
low around 25. Calm wind.
Areas of freezing fog before 1pm. Cloudy through mid morning,
then gradual clearing, with a high near 42. Calm wind.
Areas of freezing fog after 10pm. Mostly cloudy, with a
low around 26. Calm wind.
Areas of freezing fog before 1pm. Cloudy, with a high near
Areas of freezing fog. Mostly cloudy, with a low
around 28.
Areas of fog after 10am. Areas of freezing fog before 10am.
Otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a high near 39.
A slight chance of rain. Mostly cloudy, with a low
around 36.
A chance of rain. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 48.
A chance of rain. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 40.
A chance of rain. Cloudy, with a high near 48.
A chance of rain. Cloudy, with a low around 40.
A chance of showers. Cloudy, with a high near 50.

Station Forecast (Generated by this weather station)
Partly cloudy with little temperature change
Web Cam (Tower mounted at 100 feet)

Image updated every 1 min (looking south, usually)

(may need to click twice to play)
Time lapse video archive


Full Advisory Text
No Warnings
Local Weather Exchange Network
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